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Szbilliards -- Shenzhen Szbilliards Co., Ltd is a company which specialized in manufacture billiards product in China. Almost all of the billiards product can be supplied by us.

We manufacture Billiard table, Pool table, Snooker table, Russia pyramid table, Coin-operated table, Carom table and Dining table etc. Our tables are made from solid wood such as Lauan, Birch, Oak, Maple wood etc. We also produce the economy table for the large chain store market.

As to billiards accessories, balls, cues, cloths, lamps etc. We produce most of them, and some are sourced from our good cooperation factories which specialized in them.

Because our product are Reliability, High Quality and Competitive price, our clients come to us more and more. Welcome to visit our factory, we are waiting for your coming.

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